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an online psychiatric resource and private practice


A Health Cafe?

A health café reflects a calming casual environment to receive mental health treatment.  In clinic Goodwin Health Café is a therapeutic non-judgmental place to come and find healing and treatment for psychiatric conditions.  Goodwin Health Café uses a scientific approach and relies on evidence-based research to guide interventions. A thorough assessment is done including lab work and genetic testing to create a treatment plan that is specific to the individualized patient’s needs.

Goodwin Health Café is run by health care professionals who are available to help connect people to resources, consult on cases or provide direct care.


Want to be come a client?

In addition to providing an online resource to mental health care Goodwin Health Café is also a small private practice that provides treatment for psychiatric conditions. We have a small case load and are currently accepting clients who are interested in in our approach.

Goodwin Health Cafe

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